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FCR - team of experts

FCR is an environmental-oriented innovative enterprise, a pioneer in the implementation
of cyclical elements economics in the production cooperation of industry in Russia.

Today we have managed to form one of the strongest teams of experts and specialists in the field of waste and secondary resources management. Many of us in the recent past are heads and employees of federal departments, representatives of scientific and analytical fields.

Applying the experience of our team in the development in the Kirov region of the Russia's first safe and effective Functional Recycling Center, a core-based advanced research centre that studies world best practices in the production of advanced technologies for the processing of secondary material resources into secondary raw materials and products from secondary raw materials, will allow the Astrakhan region to become a pioneer among the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which fulfilled the order of the President of the Russian Federation to introduce the principles of a cyclical economy and implement tasks in the field of sustainable development in our country.
With high-tech modern processing of used products and materials
can be obtained completely pure product

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