Kirov region

The functional recycling center will be located in the Kirov region.

The task of the project is the construction of a production complex in the Kirov region of FCR JSC (Joint-Stock Company Functional Center of Recycling) - Russia's first safe and effective polyresource industrial recycling complex in the Kirov region, equipped with the most modern equipment and using the most advanced technologies (based on modern achievements of science and technology), followed by scaling on the territory of the Russian Federation and the formation of a federal network of poly-resource recycling centers. As well as the creation of an advanced research center in the Kirov region in the field of deep waste processing with the production of the maximum possible amount of marketable commodity products.

Key Project Indicators​

Achievement of the indicators stipulated by the passport of the priority program "Integrated development of single-industry towns" (since November 30, 2016 No. 11, app. Presidium of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects.

The number of new jobs created related to the direct activities of the FCR is at least 200.
The number of new jobs created for the investment stage of the investment project (construction of buildings and structures, creation of the necessary infrastructure) of the FCR is at least 800 (including at the expense of engaged contractors and co-contractors)

Implementation of events to modernize abandoned and inefficiently used territories (idle industrial enterprises).

The project provides for the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises as contractors as part of the investment phase of the implemented investment program of FCR JSC in Kirov region.

Increase in the share of small and medium-sized enterprises in waste collection, sorting, operation of recycling stations from the population (as contractors during implementation the main production activity of the FCR).

With high-tech modern processing of used products and materials
can be obtained completely pure product

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