Territory of waste-free production in Yugorsk

The territory of waste-free production can be created in the former territory of the Building Materials Plant (ZSM) of the Yugorskremstroygaz trust.
Raw materials coming for processing - waste from Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk LLC. These are polymer waste, rubber products waste, paper and cardboard waste, construction waste, wood waste, glass waste, office equipment and equipment waste, oil products waste.

Finished products include mobile pavement, tile, paving, curbs, packaging paper, paper bags, road crushed stone, building materials (DVP and CPD), charcoal, solar, binding mixtures for construction work, finishing materials, non-ferrous metals, etc.

Advantages of the site for creating «a Waste-Free
Production Area»

Located in the industrial zone of Ugorsk, remote from residential buildings.

Developed network of paved roads.

There are buildings and structures for production purposes that are not currently in use.

The presence of an existing railway deadlock.

There is a boiler house, KNU, transformer substations and engineering networks laid to all buildings (water supply, gas pipeline, heating and power supply networks).

With high-tech modern processing of used products and materials
can be obtained completely pure product

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