Recycling Function Center Technologies

FCR JSC is a multi-resource industrial recycling complex specializing in plastic waste, which has an advanced research center the core and industrial capacities for processing secondary material resources into secondary raw materials and products from secondary raw materials, at which the best available technologies will be introduced and certification of secondary raw materials will be carried out.
FCR JSC is the author of 2 technologies that received the conclusion of SPIC 2.0.

"Recycling Rubber FCR" - a technological complex for the production of products from rubber-containing wastes.


"Eco-pyrolysis FCR" - a technological complex for solid waste utilization by high-temperature continuous pyrolysis, including preliminary preparation (crushing, grinding).

This means that projects of FCR JSC implementing these technologies can receive the following benefits prescribed by regulatory acts of the Russian Federation:
  • subsidies from the budget
  • tax benefits
  • guarantees of tax load stability
  • accelerated depreciation
  • financial support from state industrial development funds in the form of loans, grants, contributions to authorized capital, financial leases and others
  • Identification as sole supplier of products produced under SPIC
  • lease of state/municipal land plot without bidding
  • Information and consulting support
  • State and municipal preferences.
With high-tech modern processing of used products and materials
can be obtained completely pure product

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